welcome to "PENSION SCHOENE" home page

we introduce P.Schoene(phonetic shehne) as follows.

Location : exists in Myoko highland under Mt.Myoko which is                  included best 100 mountains in Japan.

Discription : Schoene is a small hotel with 9 rooms max. 30 guests able.
          room details ;2x2beds  2x3beds  4x4beds                  1xjapanese room

Lodging fee : saturday & before holiday/  \10,000 a person
                    other days/ \9,500 a person
                       including dinner&breakfast & 5% tax each

Amusement :  ski, golf, trekking, mountain climing, swimming, etc.

we accept guest with pet (dog, cat etc.) logging charge of pet \500

phone 0255-86-3870
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